How to Identify Your Target Audience?

Everyone is not your customer. You have to find the niche for your products and then lay out strategies for the target audience.
It's important in this process to find the right balance when defining your target market in a way that causes your audience to recognize that you are talking specifically to them.
Why Target Market Is Important in Branding?
Regardless of your brand mission, identifying and gaining the devotion of your target audience is the necessary means to reaching your brand objectives.
Knowing your target audience, you help you in solidify your message and increase your confidence in the steps to take to connect with that audience. That is why defining your target market will help to strengthen your brand's overall effectiveness.
There are two steps in Developing Your Brand's Strategy course. The first is to conduct an informal market analysis of your target market and the second is to write a target audience definition for your company.
Conducting Informal Market Analysis

The following questions will help you assess your market analysis. Use the internet to conduct research.

Who is your target audience?

1. Where is your target audience located?
2. What do they think about your current brand?
3. What would you like them to think about your brand?
4. How will you attract them to your products or services?
5. Who else is competing for their loyalty and devotion?
6. Are you targeting business or consumer sectors?

Write Your Target Market Description

Using the questions below write a target market description. Be as specific as you like.
What is the age of your demographic? Is it a child, teenager, adult. You don’t want to market a product to a child that is most suitable for an adult.
What is the gender of your audience? Is it male or female? You can’t very well sell female products to males.
What is the income level of your potential customer? Are you trying to market luxury items to them? You need to determine what your customers can and cannot afford, and that way you can better market to that demographic.
What is the family situation? Are they married, widowed, divorced, college graduate? Is your product or service a luxury item or a need?
Is this something that they’re willing to save money for or that they have to purchase at this specific time?
Which, if any, special features are most appealing?
What do they like or dislike about the product or service, in general?
Is this an impulse buy or something they’re saving for?
Once you’ve answered these questions you are ready to draft a statement on the type of target you want to go after and the relationship you would like to have with your clients and customers.

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