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Be Mr. Fantastic

We found our friend in Brand Fluidity, our spirited & adaptive branding method that will help any brand to stay at the peak of its power in all seasons.


Be Mr. incredible

We urge our brands to take a leap of faith and move on from Brand consistency to exploring ways in developing brand credibility with which a brand can stay relevant.

Branding So Good, cats ask for us by name.

Since our foundation as a digital marketing company, our goal has been to use digital technology to create experiences.

Since our inception we provide simple and affordable business boost to small scale and upcoming organization caring about making a difference for each brand. Over the time we have managed to become the celebrated digital marketing company and to build up a team of passionate professionals who are ready to deliver inspiring trends of Media and Technology.

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We like to boast.
We make promises and keep them. That is how we build a brand.

Nurturing a brand to greatness is more of like our style and we would like to keep our promises too. That’s how we stand aside our brands as a digital marketing company and help them to silver lining.

Unloading the big brain
Unloading the big brain

This is where you tell us all about your company and where you stand right now in the process. We will gather all the info including your digital marketing objectives and take it from there.

Developing your avatar

We look at how best to create your brand identity that will fulfill your branding and digital marketing objectives. Customization at its best, your brand gets the greatest avatar from us.

Pursuit to perfection

Now the journey becomes realistic as you find your brand in a different space no longer battling the competition, but enjoying the competition. Your goals become refined and your brand begins the journey to perfection.

Taking you one step ahead of the world.


Determining your heart

Your competition is not anyone else, but yourself. Your brand should form the crux of your personality and character.


Creating the stage

We help your brand to guard its cause and enhance its brand message. We give you the platform to climb higher.


Finalize success

As you lay experiences tailored to the needs of the world, your brand gets the due recognition of its brilliance and the success it deserves.


Continuous Evolution

The Brand building process never stops. Your brand needs to evolve in these changing times to stay ahead in the game.

I like how Antpuppet operates, taking in consideration of our thoughts and process very seriously. This kind of work will definitely keep this company in my thoughts. I wish them all the best!

- Hashim Hamza, MD, Flywell Tours & Travels

Antpuppet surely exceeded my expectations. The packaging and website development the company delivered was of really fine quality that took me by surprise. Looking forward to more collaborations. Thank you for your services!

- Faijas K.A, Founder, Kwick Serve

Thanks to Antpuppet’s team, we were able to discover and explore our digital marketing options. The company has helped me a lot in terms of Brand image and brand identity giving me a honest take on my future options.

- Dr. Rohith R.S, MD, Medhelix & Redepath
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