How to Plan an Effective Brochure?

Even in this digital world we now live in, brochures can be your company's best friend. They can work in conjunction with your other sales literature. Or alone. What's more, they don't even need to be printed, with PDF and eBook technology making it very easy to read one on a tablet, desktop, or even a phone. However, without careful planning, preparation, and execution, the entire process can become a waste of your time and money. So, follow these six steps to create an effective brochure that will increase inquiries, acquisition, and even retention.

Know Your Brochure's Place in the Buying Process

Your product, the market, even your approach to how you want to make the sale are all major factors in how you write your brochure. Leave-Behinds: Named for the type of brochure you leave behind after meeting a potential customer. It should support what you have just presented.

Know If Your Brochure Stands Alone

If you're writing a brochure to be used with other forms of advertising, your content will be determined by the ad campaign. You've already convinced your potential customer that you have a great product. Now show them the benefits and features your product offers.

Know Your Audience

You’ve already determined where your brochure fits into the buying process. Don’t forget to target that particular audience. Decide what type of information this audience needs and write your brochure accordingly.

Organize Your Selling Points

Your brochure should have a beginning, middle and an end, just like a book. Most people will look at the front cover, back cover, maybe even flip through the pages to see if it’s worth reading. This adds credibility to your company and the fact that you have this type of brochure could make the difference in whether you get the sale or your competitor does. After all, you were the one that wrote a helpful brochure your customer needed and used.

Be precise, attentive, and Concise

Open up most brochures and you’ll find lots of words. Someone who is interested in your product will read every word of your brochure. That’s because brochures need to contain as much information as possible to get your potential customer to the next step – the purchase.

Make it Stand Out

This is when the skills of a superb designer, art director, and production specialist can help. Give serious thought to the covers, and the first inside page. This are you most precious real estate. It does all the hard work of enticing the reader inside, so make it count. If this is going to serve as a digital brochure as well, consider that. The subtleties you incorporate with paper will not come across digitally. Brands should trigger emotions and visual attractions are the best option.

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