Build, Promote, Develop & Implement

Branding & Media Promotions

Successful Brands are built on great stories, AntPuppet tell stories through brands.The most important aspects of any trade, is to built a brand that will get a lot of attention. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.Simply plant,your brand is your promise to your audience.AntPuppet help you create the future for your brand and business.Born of design driven by ideas, AntPuppet create publicity that helps our clients to reimagine capabilities for their brand, and then develop solutions grounded in strategy.

Open Source Design & Development

Companies have come to understand the importance of open source and the key role it plays in developing innovative software today.Not just about saving money but to develop applications faster, with higher quality components.It has truly become a pivotal element in the development of latest, ingenious technologies.Antpuppet provides custom web application development to serve your business needs. We build web applications in full compliance with clients requirements.We have built our expertise by completing numerous software solutions and eye-catching unique web applications, so that we are equipped to support many business models.

Mobile App Design & Development

The mobile app development technology is on top of heap and continuing to emerge year after year.We are focussing both on hybrid and native apps. Nowadays several open source front-end SDK are available for developing hybrid mobile apps with web technologies.The main attraction of hybrid apps is "develop once and deploy everywhere" and it feels near native.AntPuppet's journey through html and angular js made it more easier to handle any of the hybrid frameworks.Our development team are also expertise in working with IOS , Android and Windows Platform which makes our team outweigh from others.

Networking & Infrastructure

Unified performance of a buisness infrastructure confide on a stable network and the applications that depend on it. Downtime will cause unfavourable impact on every business as usual. We understands the influence of a stable infrastructure and theoutlay of downtime.An enterprise have to know the possibility for evolving a network problem in the future and an advanced solution to overcome that.Always farsighted to avert network crashes, server failures, virus & spyware infections and mostly unautorized network access.AntPuppet's network administrators are always prepared to provide computer networking solutions that will upgrade your network's authenticity and performance. Even the Finest hardware and software is of little value if it is not installed and configured properly.. The results of incorrectly installed network hardware can result in costly budget problems and operational downtime. We offers effective solutions to meet all your current and future needs .