5 Steps to Rebrand your Business

A brand is more than an attractive logo or a memorable name. It is the culture, spirit, and reputation of your business. Rebranding is different from refreshing. Rebranding means to take your business to a new direction and refreshing is to change the visual elements like company website, logo and such others.

In this post we can discuss the 7 different steps in rebranding 

  • Self-analysis
  • Introspection is extremely valuable before you start rebranding. You should be quite sure about who you are, what you do and why you need a rebranding at this point of time. Before investing your time and money into it, you need to know exactly what the end results will look like. Last but not the least thing to analyze before beginning is to ensure whether you need help from an external consultant or marketing firm. A large enterprise will require it for sure, but for a smaller one you could do it by yourself.

  • Market research
  • Next step is to understand the market and audience well. This depends on whether you need the same audience to continue or elaborate on the audience or to reach an entirely different audience. Conduct surveys on your existing customers regarding your current market status, product quality and reputation.

  • List and redesign
  • List out every point to be redesigned and make sure you don’t miss any. Things to redesign while rebranding includes websites, business cards, logo, blogs, posters and anything and everything with which your customer interacts with you.

  • Assistance from employees
  • Every employee should be well aware of the rebranding process and it is important to ask for their opinions. Make your employees excited about the new changes and consider their feedback in every stage of rebranding. Also, they should be trained well with the new products and services.

  • Launching and feedback
  • It is important to finish your process of rebranding soon and launch it to the public. Your customers should be convinced on why you rebrand, so engage with them, generate publicity and be transparent. The entire activity will come to an end only after you collect feedback and assess the impact of rebranding.

    When do you need a rebranding? 

  • When your vision has changed
  • When you want to improve your reputation to overcome a previous disaster
  • When to change or elaborate your audience
  • When merging with another company
  • When the business is in other hands
  • When you feel the business things are outdated
  • When your business is too common and similar
  • .

    Rebranding is a large assignment and should be done with proper assistance. When you spend on it, it should be worthy because if the end results are not as expected the entire work is of no use. Antpuppet, the best branding company in Kochi can help you leave in a strong position after rebranding.

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