Dos and Don’ts for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the form of marketing using digital technologies, mainly internet and social media platforms to reach the targeted audience and turn them to valuable customers. Using the digital platform it is easy to get in touch with an enormous amount of audience, with less money and time spend when compared to other marketing techniques. Always it is important to keep in mind that a particular strategy that worked yesterday need not work today in digital marketing. So it is perfect to evaluate what strategies must be used from time to time to get the best results. In this post, we discuss few dos and don’ts for digital marketing which could help you keep up to date.

  • Do create a relevant company blog
  • A blog you create should deliver the right qualities of your company, along with the significance of your products or services. Use the proper keywords and try to stay in touch with the customers throughout the blog.

  • Do make sure your website works well with PC and mobiles
  • However good your website is on PC, it should remain equally good with mobile users also. Or else the whole purpose will go wrong because the mobile users have increased to a rate of 93%. The majority of the people wish to use the internet on mobiles and as a result, if your website does not work on mobile well, that could obviously affect your business.

  • Do optimization for local and voice search
  • Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are too famous that people use them to search on the internet nowadays rather than typing. This indicates it is important to add long-tail keywords and optimize the website for voice search. The “near me” keyword is popular and can be tackled by listing your company to the local business listings and by adding localized keywords to your website.

  • Don’t be so focused on the volume of blog contents
  • The volume of blog content is not what matters. The point is in the relevancy, the information you provide and how engaging the content is.

  • Don’t ignore live video
  • Live videos get more attention than the recorded ones. Users spend more time watching live videos and do make more comments also.

  • Don’t skip Facebook
  • Create a well-reputed Facebook business page and engage consistently with your customers. It could make great differences in your lead generation.

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