Upcoming Trends in SEO

Whatever the product or service you may offer, you always intend on being visible, especially to your customers. The online solution is always SEO. Get yourself a reliable and accessible website, get proper content, make your website responsive and so on are the things we do in SEO normally. Achieving a higher rank in SERP is not as easy as before. The above mentioned are some of the traditional methods used and we need to upgrade to get adapted with the upcoming trends.

Things change fast and internet giants like Google and Facebook have a habit of moving the goalposts just as everyone has settled down to watch the game, which makes it hard to keep up to date with the latest SEO developments. This is why it's important to recall and execute both existing and upcoming trends in the field of SEO. 

Here are some important trends you need to be aware of,

  • Always give the audience what they want
  • Adding some keywords to the content no more make your website rank better. Keywords are becoming lesser important. Instead, Google shows the result based on the intent of users. The user may intend to reach a particular site or get some information or do some web-based activity. Google prefers to display exactly what the user wants and therefore we need to find keywords that satisfy the users intend. 

  • Convert to video content
  • Short video content can make a vast reach when compared to a well-written article. So optimizing the video content is another trend in SEO to meet the search engine standards. 

  • Develop a good mobile experience
  • We have more mobile users than desktop users and it keeps increasing in future. So make your website responsive and should produce high-quality views on every platform. Along with the responsive design, factors like page speed and load time should also be considered.

  • Word count does matter
  • The page rank is not defined by simply counting the words but when the content is large enough it becomes comparatively comprehensive than short content. Thereby making the website a reliable place for the user to find everything he/she is looking for. As a result, backlinks produced can be increased.

  • Use social media platforms wisely
  • Social media always played a huge role in SEO and is still playing. Every social platform is increasing its depth to harmonize with the search.

  • Implement voice search strategy
  • The trend of typing something is now changing to a voice search because it's quicker to say than to write. Even a blind or illiterate person can search with voice search. So optimizing the website with specific keyword trend should change to longer keywords.

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