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Our Game Plan

Captivating the thoughts and emotions of the audience is no simple task. However when you break it down & closely analyze it there are many shortcuts or walkthrough to tapping the discipline behind it.

We practice these principles since our inception.

Brand Architecture – The logical, strategic & relational structure of brands.
Brand Equity – Churning out the brand power in a brand to drive sales & profit.
Brand Experience – Perception of a brand’s action in a consumer’s mind is of utmost importance.
Brand Extension – Extending the brand and its loyalty for a new service or a product.
Brand Identity – From name, style, logo and to all visual elements form the identity of a brand.
Brand Image – A set of beliefs and perceptions that form a brand’s legacy.

As a branding company we believe in the importance of attractive content, be it logo, design and craft. That is where we realize the opportunities that lies ahead. Being with a Logo design company like us will only add to your strengths.

Remember, design communicates the brand and simpler it is, more attention it gets which drives good results.

What ultimately we believe in is the pursuit of the best logo design services that has got strong in-depth conceptualization, strong copywriting and world-class design.


A good design solves your problems. Antpuppet, as a branding & logo design company realizes the importance of creating valuable customer relationships by building your brand’s visual identity based on the principles of your company. That is where we begin executing strategies.

The result will be centered on the formation of a consistent language to reinforce your specific offering in the minds of your audience.

Emphasis is on the logo design services and the visual hierarchy so created to tell your brand’s story in a clear and enticing way with visual cues.

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