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Ushering finesse to constructional endeavours

K V Joseph and Sons established in 1982, is one among the most trusted and certified company in the field of construction. The company has played a major role in architectural renaissance and constructional advancements in Kerala.
Ever since its inception the company has been able to usher quality and finesse to the constructional endeavours that they undertook, and to execute ventures with consistency and class. In the course of 35 years, the company has built landmark projects in private and public sector.

Our Role

Strong presence that delivers to the society.

The role with KVJ started by giving them a digital presence and thereby build a strong brand identity. The task was to do all that to a builder well established.
For KVJ, we had to work on the tagline, collateralls, brochure & website. We strongly insisted on a strong message that could deliver to the society.

Strategy & Web Development

Create a strong voice that holds true value. Ease of the finest web experience.

Our strategy for KVJ was to rebuild its brand identiy and brand architecture.
We chose the color green to emphasis & dignity towards nature. The logomark created pinpointed on modern architecture. Business Collaterals were nonetheless created with a strong voice that holds true value in meetings with their clients. A brochure was created to add to the visual plethora of all the contents that were delivered.

A web persona was the only thing missing to KVJ meanwhile and that was our next attempt at. A theme was set similar to construction where the projects were explained and the web provided clients the ease to contact KVJ. Soon after SEO, SMO operations were followed with to sustain the web development process.

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