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Promising success from the beginning

The Universal Group has been a pioneer in the education sector for the last 25 years. They have grown over the past two decades into a family of many academic institutions providing quality education.
Their qualified and eminent faculties, impeccable curriculum and learning-friendly campuses have helped thousands of students in various disciplines to reach the utmost success and to start their careers in famous organizations inside and outside India.

Our Role

Building a strong brand value

Universal group was very much fond of our previous works and they have approached us with complete trust. The series of meetings with universal results in building a strong branding strategy and thereby we could understand the correct marketing channels that could give them good results.
Universal want them to be in the top most position of their respective search results and they know we could give them the best. As they were having 25 years and more experience in the field of aviation, we gave the best branding identities and they were completely satisfied and thus our relationship continues.


Industry oriented methodologies

Universal want to the pioneer in the aviation industry and our strategies proved them to give the best in the industry. We built a strong social media presence for them by promoting the organization in the Google as well as social media platforms. Thus they received high quality results and industry oriented leads. We want the visual identity designs for universal should stand out in the crowd and it does. Branding strategy does complete justice to universal group and thus they received high quality results every time.

Web Development

Quality meets results

The best and interesting task was to revamp the website to a more attractive one. Violet and yellow theme based web design has chosen for Universal and it meets all the industry standards. We gave complete justice to the aviation industry standards and universal were completely satisfied. Visual appealing was highly acceptable and aspirants who are looking for the related courses could get the correct information in time and can contact them without hassle-free. We are very happy to receive universal as our privileged client.

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