Things to Remember Before you Design a Logo

A logo is no more just a small graphical symbol; it is the identity of your company that marks into the customers' mind. Apart from providing amazing services or unique products, a well-designed logo can grab the audience attention faster than you seek. Sometimes to find out what exactly your client may need is not easy. The logo we design should be a compelling one, which at times is even difficult for an experienced designer.

Some things you need to consider are:

  • Do not rely on trends
  • Trends are an important aspect in designing, however using trends in logo designing may not be appropriate every time. When you design a logo based on the current trends, even though the logo is unique and eye-catchy it may become outdated soon the trend changes. So it is always good to take inspiration from trends and develop a long-lasting design. 

  • Choose the right font
  • The font you choose is the next consideration because a good typeface and a bad typeface can have their corresponding effects on the logo. The typeface we choose should reflect the characteristics of your design and intentions of the brand. Rather than using too many fonts, it is always better to use a few typefaces and keep the design perfect.

  • Right colour selection
  • Every time you design a logo check its quality on black and white and grayscale and then with colours. A good logo looks equally good on both forms. Recognize exactly what colour you may need because the colours you choose should resonate the identity of the brand. 

    Some things you need to reconsider are:

  • Using raster images
  • An image that is made of pixels and when scaled to different sizes make it blur is called raster images. The logo should be designed with versatility so that when reduced to stamp size or enlarged to banner size the quality remains the same.

  • Complex designs
  • When referring to any of the established brands, we can see that their logos are simple and thus adorable. Adding too many colours, typefaces and icons into your logo can make it worst design and thereby the purpose of the logo is defeated. 

  • Plagiarism
  • A design can be developed from inspirations but should never be copied from others. The logo design should be original and unique and should keep up the identity of the brand. Stealing an idea from other works can degrade the brand and also lead to legal issues.

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