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Pushing the frontiers of digital marketing

DigiAcharya is a premier digital marketing training institute in India, managed by TransGlobe Education Management India Pvt. Ltd.
Over the years, DigiAcharya has made its mark by providing the industry with well-trained and highly placed digital marketing wizards who are pushing the frontiers of digital marketing out there.

Our Role

Maintain Uniformity and Vibrancy

Digital marketing is going through the finest change in its era and companies are lobbying to take a piece of that action realising the growing potential of it. DigIAcharya is such an institution that looks to expand and explore what this trend has to offer. The institute were looking for an efficient partner to help them in their endeavour and that is how Antpuppet met DigiAcharya.
Being a digital marketing training institute, Digiacharya had to maintain a certain uniformity and vibrancy inspiring people to be a part of it so we had to pitch in differently and that’s where our strategy took us.
We maintain a healthy relationship with the brand and we both look forward to working with each other in the future.


The right idea to convey to the mass

Antpuppet was riddled with the task of creating Brand Identity & Brand personality. We did complete branding for the company from its naming, logo design, web design, seo, social media and business collaterals.
To begin with, we created the name DigiAcharya taking its roots from the market it operates in and the idea it needs to convey to the mass i.e an Acharya – the learned one who teaches by their conduct. Voila, and the brand gets its name, DigiAcharya.
Then we set off to create a logo completely new and vivid. We visualised and created a concept to fruition that had to show “the complete digital network across the globe safeguarded and guided by the experts at DigIAcharya”. Business and marketing collaterals were soon published giving them an outlook capable of starting a conversation.

Web Development

The best user experience

Our big task was to create a web layout giving an unmistakable user experience to the students and aspirants. We went with the color orange as it represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success. Website is completely user friendly and both the students and faculties could manage them with ease.

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