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TransGlobe academy, a division of TransGlobe Education Management India Pvt.Ltd is a unique well established global education provider who has taken an initiative in logistics institutes for forecasting the job opportunities across the globe.
TransGlobe academy was setted up in Calicut & Kochi offering comprehensive training solutions in the field of Logistics, Aviation, Hospitality, Travel Management and Customer Care with certifications in diploma and post diploma courses.

Our Role

Engage business awareness

Our role as a strategic and branding partner began with important and radical changes that go well beyond the usual techniques of marketing and business awareness. After a series of meetings to understand TransGlobe’s goals, we began to work on concepts and ideas to provide a solution that solves the current hurdle.
So, without losing its integrity we decided to work on its digital presence in the web by enabling a website equipped with on the clock SEO and SMO operations. The brand was also given its unique brand identity as we worked on a range of marketing collaterals. We maintain a good client relationship with the brand and we both look forward to working with each other in the future.


Visual identity that matters to the eye.

Our first challenge was to correct the glaring issues, rebrand where it needs to and lay the foundation the brand truly deserves. We designed the website from ground up to the point it had a new outlook and potentially attractive to the clients. We created a web layout completely honed to an experience accustomed for a user/student making it easier for the potential aspirants to connect to TransGlobe academy. We have not only completed brand architecture & brand management but have also planned for the next set of creative ideas to take the brand to its best.

Web Development

Fresh appeal of visual experience

The web page required an optimistic and fresh approach and that is why we opted for the color violet since visual identity matters. The color violet represents creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur & devotion. Since TransGlobe was dealing with clients internationally, the company required international standards appealing to foreign eyes as the first impression to a brand always lies in its website and the collaterals it carries with.

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